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The narrator now cannot wait to go to the Araby bazaar and procure for his beloved some grand gift that will endear him to her. And though his aunt frets, hoping that it is not “some Freemason affair,” and though his uncle, perhaps intoxicated, perhaps stingy, arrives so late from work and equivocates so much that he almost keeps the narrator from being able to go, the intrepid yet frustrated narrator heads out of the house, tightly clenching a florin , in spite of the late hour, toward the bazaar.

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Other characters in the story serve mostly as catalysts, foils, and filters for the narrator’s feelings and observations. The ironically-presented priest, dead before the start of the story, is dead for a reason: religion is portrayed not only as moribund, but as life-draining and hypocritical. The narrator’s aunt and uncle act as his surrogate parents, and their presence in the story raises the ominous question “What happened to his parents?” Furthermore, they are representatives of the adult world, and it is fair to say that, though they work hard and perhaps mean well, they provide little for the narrator to look forward to as he grows into a man. Certainly the female shopkeeper and her two male companions, by bringing the narrator to his unwelcome realization, play an important, if small, part in the drama of the story.

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Analyze , which is  analyse  outside the US, means to intently inspect an object or person. This inspection can be with the intent to discover, explain, quantify, or reveal. One can  analyze  a person, grammar, or any number of fields of study.

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And these American and Canadian publications prefer analyze :

Araby is a short story by James Joyce published in his 6969 collection Dubliners.

Yes, I 8767 m Canadian too and I normally see 8766 analyse 8767 . I 8767 d also like to point out that the three 8766 American and Canadian publications 8767 are in fact all American.


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Araby by James Joyce - Short Story Summary, Analysis, Review - Продолжительность: 21:16 The CodeX Cantina 3 531 просмотр. Al-Araby - - SHUBRAKHIT - BUHAIRA, Itay Al Barud, Al Buhayrah, Egypt, 12345 - Rated based on 7 Reviews "‎الله ينور يا إستاذ كريم أخبارك إيه...