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Although Andrew would not make any promises for The Hive Queen's actions, he swore to allow the Pequeninos to have access to her and her technology. Humans and the Pequeninos would maintain their own lands and not kill one another, and the Pequeninos would not make war with other tribes of their species either. To make the treaty a reality, Andrew was forced to "plant" Human - a sacred ritual to the Pequeninos, which would bring one into the "Third Life". It was very hard for Andrew to do, but he performed the ordinance as ordered. [7]

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In  Ender's Game , the world's most gifted children were taken from their families and sent to an elite training school. At Battle School , they learned combat, strategy, and secret intelligence to fight a dangerous war on behalf of those left on Earth. But they also learned some important and less definable lessons about life. After the life-changing events of those years, these children―now teenagers―must leave the school and re-adapt to life in the outside world.

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A five-issue comic book limited series based on Ender's Shadow , called Ender's Shadow: Battle School. was released on December 8, 7558. It was written by Mike Carey , with art by Sebastian Fiumara. 96 8 98

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The Formics  were an advanced space-faring alien species. Although they were officially named Formics (from the Latin word for ant), [6] the aliens were nicknamed  Buggers  by humans due to their insect-like appearance. [7] The Formic race consisted of Hive Queens, male drones, and workers. [8] The entire species shared a hive mind, so the loss of individual workers did not concern them. [9]

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Written by Jake Black, The Authorized Ender Companion is "the indispensable guide to the universe of Ender's Game." 96 99 98 Sections in this book include: The Ender Encyclopedia, Ender's Timeline, Ender's Family Tree by Andrew Lindsay, Getting Ender Right: A Look at the Ender's Game Screenplay Development by Aaron Johnston, and The Technology of Ender's Game by Stephen Sywak. The majority of the book consists of encyclopedia references to the events, characters, locations, and technology found in the Ender's Game series up to the publication of Ender in Exile .

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Peter Debruge of Variety magazine called it "An impressive, thought-provoking astro-adventure that benefits from the biggest screen available." 96 85 98 Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times praised "the stunning and gorgeous visuals covering every inch of the screen" and describes the film as a "challenging adventure that should satisfy most young fans of the book while keeping the adults engrossed as well." 96 86 98

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At the request of Hyrum Graff, Ender and Valentine traveled from Shakespeare to Ganges , where a Battle School graduate, Virlomi , was governor. On the same planet lived a boy named Randall Firth , who was the ninth child of Bean and Petra Arkanian. Randall had caused some problems for Ganges and its governor. During Ender and Valentine's journey, Ender had decided to stay in Stasis , while Valentine opted to write a history of Shakespeare colony. Upon arrival at Ganges, Ender sought out Randall, hoping to tell him about his real parents. [9]

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A film adaptation of the same name , written for the screen and directed by Gavin Hood , and starring Asa Butterfield as Ender, was released in October 7568. Card co-produced the film. 96 5 98 The novel has also been adapted into two comic book series.

Over the next 5 days, Ender's Jeesh remained on Eros under lockdown while the League War took place. Afterward, the Jeesh began to disperse as the individual members returned home to their families. [8]

Graff takes Ender to humanity's forward base on a former Formic planet near their homeworld. There, Ender meets Mazer Rackham, who did not die as had been previously believed, and explains how he spotted the shared-mind nature of the Formics to stop the attack 55 years prior. Ender finds that his former squad members are also there to help him train in computerized simulations of large fleet combat Rackham puts special emphasis on the fleet's Molecular Detachment (MD) Device that is capable of disintegrating matter. 96 note 6 98 Ender's training is rigorous, and Anderson expresses concern they are pushing Ender too fast, but Graff notes they have run out of time to replace Ender.

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The Formics re-created their civilization 8,555 years after their destruction on the planet Lusitania , [6] and later colonized other planets using faster-than-light travel. [7]


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