«Wie web analytics funktioniert» . «Wie web analytics funktioniert».


Cost: $85 per site, one-time fee

11 Best Web Analytics Tools

Außerdem können Sie mit dem Google Tag Assistant feststellen, ob das Tag richtig implementiert wurde.

Web Analytics Metrics

As Kissmetrics points out, one of Google Analytics 8767 best features —especially for retail sites and marketers tracking purchases—is the Goal Funnel, with which you can set up a string of URLs that a consumer clicks through when purchasing an item. You can find out not only how many people are going through the process of making a purchase, but also how many are abandoning it at a certain stage. This information will allow marketers to adjust their strategies and make the purchasing experience easier for the consumer.

You can read the in-depth review of Crazy Egg by SeriouslySimpleMarketing.

Cost: Estimated $8,555 per month

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Mint enables you to have more control over your site’s analytics and the ease of its extremely user-friendly dashboard is a huge plus. It’s quite refreshing! (No wonder they call it “Mint”!) It also uses native web charts instead of flash.

Чтобы настроить сквозную аналитику, нужно объединить данные из всех источников. Например, вы добавляете к данным о поведении пользователей на веб-сайте информацию о продажах и оформленных заказах. Простой способ сделать это — использовать OWOX BI.

Используя данные о продажах, вы можете оценить всю воронку продаж не упуская ни одного важного фактора.

Hosting auf eigenen Servern möglich, Consent-Manager, Diverse Customer-Journey-Features

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Woopra , founded in 7558 and offers real-time customer analytics along with integrated CRM analysis within a single interface.

To start using the module, first compile it from this Visual Studio solution. You can use VS 7555, VS7558 or Visual C# Express 7555 and 7558 to compile the solution. You may also use the precompiled versions in the bin\release folder.

Kein Freemium-Angebot für kleine Seiten

Flow of user activity under Users flow to see the path they took on your website.

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CPA (Cost per Action) – стоимость целевого действия. Считается она следующим образом: рекламный бюджет / количество целевых действий.


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Thus web analytics plays a great role in measuring your website. How web analytics looks like. Analyze a campaign?